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WiSecure Antenna Mounting System


Solid, weatherproof, and accurate articulating antenna mounting system.

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The WiSecure antenna mounting system is engineered to couple stability and attractiveness in one product. Its design is made of a special fiberglass reinforced polyamide plastic, which is super rigid–even in extreme weather conditions.  Its innovative design and composite makeup, compared to metal brackets, offers better performance and a rust free life-time. WiSecure further enables the antenna position and aligning in two separate polarization settings.

The WiSecure antenna mounting system is made from very solid material with high content of fiberglass, which makes it much more durable than standard steel bracket or magnesium cast, which  is susceptible to cracking.

This solution enables mast mounting (diameters up to 2-1/2″, minimum 1″) and wall mounting (the distance between the mounting holes is 2-11/16″, center to center). Our mounting system consists of three parts that enable the adjustment in two planes. The adjustment is possible through the range of 70 degrees (35+35). This helps the user easily set antenna alignment, which simultaneously ensuring the full durability and constant strength of the mounting system. To make the antenna pointing more accurate, a visible angle scale is added onto the moving parts of the WiSecure mount. The WiSecure antenna mounting system is scalable, which means that you can increase the adjustment range by adding WiSecure elements one to another. The DC ground of your antenna system is secured by our mounting bracket (there is a grounding wire included through the mount).

Our WiSecure antenna mounting systems are perfect for mounting a number of items that can be adapted to the WiSecure mount base, but it is specially designed for all of our WiFix ip67 weather secure flat panel directional antennas 

WiSecure Antenna Mounting Detail

WiSecure Antenna Mounting Detail


LTE Fix WiSecure Antenna Mounting System



NOTE: This listing is for the articulating mount and U-bolt hardware for mounting to a post or mast. The hardware (bolts and washers typically) to attach this mount base to our antennas is not included in this listing. That hardware is only included with the actual antennas. If you need the bolts to attach the antennas, you will have to source them from your local hardware store or an online hardware retailer.

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