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WiFiX Outdoor Enclosure SIM Card Slot Extender


Allows changing SIM cards in your outdoor installations without opening the sealed case.

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WiFiX Outdoor Enclosure SIM Card Slot Extender

The WiFiX Outdoor Enclosure SIM Card Slot Extender is a waterproof SIM card slot adapter made for use with outdoor enclosure installations. It protects and seals up your cellular SIM card completely and still allows you access to it without having to open up your enclosure system. This increases the life of your equipment through less environmental exposure, and yet still allows the user to change SIM cards at will. The housing is UV protected, comes with a gasket seal for a complete waterproof installation, and is ip66 rated.

This new version of the SIM card extender for outdoor enclosures now uses Micro SIM cards for the card slot, and is now a “push – push” style that clicks into place versus just manually sliding the SIM card into place. The extender that installs into your equipment inside the enclosure is also a Micro SIM card size. This allows for more equipment compatibility for our customers.

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Adapter Specs:

  • Full ip66 protection
  • Operating temperature -20℃~+45℃
  • 20cm (7-3/4+ inches) long, flexible extension
  • 25mm (1 inch) hole, threaded base
  • Micro SIM “Push Push” Style SIM slot
  • Micro SIM size extender end piece
  • Clear, UV protected plastic housing


Using this SIM card slot adapter with our WiFiX Medium Router PCB Enclosure Kit keeps your equipment completely sealed, dry, and safe from pests in all weather conditions.

Note: Ensure that the relative humidity is low when assembling your enclosure as to not trap in excessive moisture that may “sweat” inside the enclosure during environmental temperature fluctuations. Sometimes adding a silicon desiccant bag to the inside of the enclosure may be necessary to absorb post assembly moisture from the inside of the enclosure.

The SIM extension design is for Micro size SIM card slots and can be used an nearly any style slot, including the “click click” slots. The extender end CAN be used with SIM adapters to fit in the larger standard size SIM slots in many routers and modem adapters.


See the Installation Tips tab for visual instructions on assembly.

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Dimensions 3 × 1.5 × 1.5 in

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